Bridge of Flotsam

It stretched all the way across the Nashua River in Lancaster, MA and looked to have entrapped a substantial amount of flotsam. I believe it's the first time I've ever seen a trash trap this entrenched running bank to bank.  A closer look better shows its eclectic composition...
...including a wide variety of plastic containers which, by the way, I'm fairly certain originated on this continent.

The bridge of flotsam was encountered yesterday about 3.7 miles upstream from the Oxbow Boat Launch in Harvard, MA.  I'd paddled upriver in an attempt to reach a previous downriver turnaround spot. My gps showed the desired spot being another quarter mile beyond this obstacle.  It was only with the help of high water levels that I'd been able to make it this far upriver.  All of my previous attempts fell short.

The line from "Jaws" came to mind... "You're gonna need a bigger boat".  Dealing with this much trash would require many hands and a truck for hauling it away.

Me and my way-too-small boat returned downriver passing the small stone chapel...
...and the backlit old bridge near the launch...
...with a representative sample...

Brought to mind Mr. McGuire's one word of advice to a freshly graduated Benjamin... "plastics".


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