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One More Winter Notched

I suppose it's time to emerge and take stock of things after enduring yet another New England winter.  Of course back when I was younger winter inflicted few wounds if any.   However, as I age, each winter seems a little longer and a lot tougher.  This most recent edition left some marks.  It started with what I can only surmise was a bad reaction to my annual flu shot.  Upon experiencing shoulder pain and greatly reduced range of motion my doctor diagnosed chronic bursitis.  Three months later, after hearing about a thing called SIRVA  (shoulder injury related to vaccine administration), I looked back at my records to find I'd received the flu shot exactly 7 days before my shoulder issues commenced.  Note to more drug store flu shots.  Fortunately most of this coincided with winter's coldest spell of late December and early January when boating was at its least desirable.  My one brief January paddle found an Assabet River iced all the way across at the Leaning


For me it's soul is the happiest when I'm afloat in my boat.  It doesn't matter whether going with the current or against it, just as long as I'm in the flow. I am drawn to waterways which played a role in historic events, and while paddling upon them I try to reimagine the significant mojo they once possessed. My vessel of choice is a sea kayak...for deep water I'll be in my Surge... ...and when bottom-scratching is likely, my Squamish is called upon...   With this blog, my intention is to simply share some of what I see, feel, and hear as I continue my paddling about. I'll never be found on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram as none of those platforms work for me.  So here I am on Blogger where I hope to exist on my own terms.